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Read the full true story about Marvin Steinberg and Karatbars here.
Karatbars asks all people who can contribute to the clarification of the facts to contact Karatbars.

We ask the following questions:
1.Who received too few or too many coins during the ICO phase of the KBC Coins between February 2018 and December 2018? Please send us all correspondence with receipts.
2.Who did Marvin Steinberg of the Karatbars Affiliates contact after January 2019 and express himself negatively?
3.Who did Marvin Steinberg send links, reports or negative false reports from Karatbars to?
In the cases mentioned above, please send the correspondence or documentation on the respective cases to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
Read the fully story about Marvin Steinberg and Karatbars here.
In the cases mentioned above, please send the correspondence or documentation on the respective cases to the following e-mail address:
[email protected]

The Gold Imperium

Karatbars International GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, was founded in 2011. The company around CEO and founder Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz is active worldwide and offers a variety of products around the real value gold and blockchain solutions. These include the distribution of small gold bars, cash gold - an alternative to classic currencies - and two crypto currencies, the Karatgold Coin and KaratCoinBank Coin. From October 2019 Karatbars will launch the Voice-Over-Blockchain Smartphone IMpulse K1-Phone, which offers extremely secure data transmission via blockchain and end-to-end encryption. Today, the company is the market leader in innovative gold products with an annual turnover of 100 million euros and over 700,000 affiliates in more than 120 countries.
Karat’s Gold Imperium is currently based on the following projects:
  • Karatbars International GmbH
  • KaratGold Coin
  • KaratPay System
  • KaratCoinBank
  • KaratBit Exchange
  • Karat CEM
Our Products
IMpulse K1 Phone
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Karat CEM
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Turning words into action

In house developed, state-of-the-art blockchain mainnet
Safe storage for your digital gold. For a lifetime!
Exclusive CashGold Exchange Machines
Fast and innovative blockchain transactions
CEO and Founder of Karatbars
The people behind the global KaratGold ecosystem consists of passionate, highly skilled and experienced experts with deep knowledge of finance, management, technology, marketing etc. KaratGold advisors actively participate in the project’s development and help it succeed.
Harald Seiz was born in 1963 in Calw near Stuttgart, Germany and has been successfully working as a financial consultant since 1982. In 2011 he founded the Karatbars International GmbH in Stuttgart, of which he is the managing director. Since then he has consistently and successfully internationalized the business.
In 2016, he was awarded the Senatorial Degree by the Federal. Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA).

Our Publications

The Future of money
What is the future of money – a means of exchange, anonymous payment or an opportunity to hoard wealth? How will we pay in the future? What forms will digitization open up to us? And what forms could be forced on us by the state or circumstances, such as a crisis or catastrophe? Are you prepared if ATMs or online banking no longer function?
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag (2017)
ISBN-10: 3959720823
ISBN-13: 978-3959720823
Think Big
But Harald Seiz has even greater goals: A gold-based means of payment that is crisis-proof and will revolutionize our financial system. It is a mission for which he was smiled at at first. Today he is the market leader for innovative gold products. And yet Seiz still sees himself at the beginning: a payment system based on gold, gold mines and the foundation of a bank are only a few building blocks on the way to the top.
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag (2019)
ISBN: 978-3-95972-150-9
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Is Karatbars a fraud?

No! Karatbars International GmbH was founded in 2011 in Germany and has since then seen a tremendous expansion and development into a "Gold Imperium", a financial ecosystem backed by cutting-edge technologies. The company has an excellent reputation and track record with international press coverages (Forbes, Reuters, Investing.com, etc.) and several publications (e.g. Amazon documentary and several books). It currently includes Karatbars International, CashGold, Karat ATMs, IMpulse K1 Phone, K-Merchant, KaratPay System, KaratGold Coin (KBC), KaratCoin Bank (KCB) and KaratBit Exchange. Karatbars International embodies a global infrastructure with is supported by more than 600,000 affiliates and serves as the bridge between conventional and blockchain-based financial systems.

Should I cooperate with Karatbars?

Karatbars International is a global player in the gold and blockchain business. The company was founded by its CEO Dr. h. c. Harald Seiz in 2011. The company distributes high-quality gold products and blockchain technology solutions through affiliate marketing efforts.

Who are the people behind Karatbars?

The people behind the global Karatbars International ecosystem consists of passionate, highly skilled and experienced experts with deep knowledge of finance, management, technology, marketing etc. Karatbars` advisors actively participate in the project’s development and help it succeed. CEO and founder Dr. h. c. Harald Seiz began his finance career in the 1980s. He became an independent financial consultant, building businesses of up to €360 million. Believing strongly in the importance of commodities and precious metals as a counterweight to the inflationary nature of today’s fiat currencies, he founded Karatbars International to enable people to get access to assets that preserve and enhance their wealth and independence. In addition to his role as Karatbars CEO, Mr. Seiz also serves as a speaker about financial topics at industry conferences.

What is the KaratGold Coin (KBC) and why should I buy KBC?

KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the cryptocurrency powering the KaratGold global payment system. It is the main settlement unit for the operations in KaratPay, KaratCoin Bank, KaratBit, K-Merchant and other entities. KaratGold Coin has raised over $100 million to become one of the largest ICO’s in history. On July 4th, 2019, KBC coins can be exchanged for pure physical gold at the rate of 1g = 100 KBC. KaratGold is a world-class project with real assets, experienced team and proven track record. Also, everyone who is familiar with the modern unstable financial system understands that investing in gold will pay in the future.

What is CashGold?

The product CashGold embodies basically cards/notes containing 0.1-0.6 grams of gold on it. The concept of attaching gold to paper media It only looks similar to a banknote to ensure everyday practicality as a means of payment. Its physical dimensions follows the format of modern items generally accepted as payment. The carrier medium for the gold ingots fits well into the usual wallet. The design specialists at Karatbars International have used advanced frequency modulation detection technology to ensure accurate line outlines and critical color transitions in extraordinary quality and the highest resolution possible. Soon CashGold can be redeemed at dedicated Karat ATMs (CashGold Exchange Machines / CEMs).

Is the Gold offered by Karatbars overpriced?

This is a very common misconception. Karatbars is for the masses the 99% who can’t afford 5 grams or ten grams at a time let alone 100g or a kilo. There are not many companies that genuinely sell 1 gram cards. It is Karatbars` mission that the public start to use gold again for goods and services. There are already many K-Exchange centers opening around the world where you can walk in with your 1gram card and get the value of that card in goods or services. Karatbars is about making bullion available to everyone again and teaching people that having Euros and Dollars is simply having bad, devaluing money.

Can my investment really appreciate that much and that quickly?

The KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the central element of the Karatbars International ecosystem and its value is therefore reflecting the growth and the success of the ecosystem. When more people join the ecosystem, the demand for KBC will increase what will automatically lead to an increase in value of the coin. But has the coin potential to increase in value? Well, let’s see: How much does Amazon`s stock cost now and how much did it cost in the past? The easiest way to buy books gets easier and easier and Jeff Bezos continues to be the wealthiest man in America. Karatbars aims to make buying and selling gold just as easy and also making it available for buying goods and services. There are several coins worth $10.00 and none of them have as many products and services behind them as Karatbars. In all periods of history, gold increases versus the dollar. The dollar has always been declining but now entire countries are moving away from it. What started as a decline will snowball into a tumble and collapse. The importance of real money will easily surge and holding it in a way that crosses borders and is free of government intervention is essential.

Should I worry about people calling Karatbars a Scam?

Since its foundation in 2011 Karatbars International GmbH is headquartered in Stuttgart and in the past few years the company has expanded to over 120 countries including Australia, Bahamas, Germany, Hong Kong, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela. In total over 600,000 people have joined the ecosystem and the business has expanded into different areas. It this context it is absolutely normal, that a company also receives negative reviews along the way. However, it is also important to focus on the facts and the success of Karatbars International. A combination of a great team and a business model with a high potential are the cornerstones of our past and our future success. Our proven success story has also been underpinned by numerous renown international press coverages (Forbes, Reuters or Investing.com), an own Amazon documentary and book publications.
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